Preparedness KPEPC


Sheltering in place gives you and your family immediate protection for a short time in your home.

Officials may advise you to shelter in place in any one of these conditions:
  • A nearby chemical leak is expected to last for a short time
  • The chemical has a low health hazard and its release does not warrant an evacuation
  • There’s not enough time to evacuate
  • Chemical fumes could quickly overtake you if you are outside

If you hear a disaster warning siren , seek shelter inside immediately.

A shelter-in-place advisory issued by public safety officials during a chemical
emergency is meant to be a short-term event that lasts for a few hours, not days.

Some emergencies caused by the weather or other events could last much
longer. For that reason, it is advisable to prepare your emergency kit to last for at
least three days.

Print the  KPEPC Shelter-In-Place brochure and keep it handy in case of an emergency.